Show your clients you're capable

Certification allows companies to tender for larger contracts

Quality of Service

The quality of our service is defined by our clients, so we aim to accurately establish client’s requirements, and to respond rapidly and effectively to meet them. We consider the quality of our service to be of paramount importance because only on-going client satisfaction will guarantee the continuing success of our business. We work with your people. For new management systems, this means that they will understand how the system works because they helped to design it.


You can be confident that your management system will be practical, workable and designed to minimise bureaucracy. It will suit your needs because it will be developed with your staff and managers. It won’t be an “off-the shelf” system that tries to force your business to operate in ways that are foreign to it.

Value for money

We specialise in working with small-to-medium sized businesses to help them develop and maintain their quality, safety and environmental management systems, and integrated systems. We are located in Melbourne.

Due to our low overheads we can offer a very cost-effective, high quality service, at a fraction of a cost of the larger consulting firms. We know this because we often subcontract to them and see clients pay much more for our services than we charge. So why not cut out the middle-man and deal with us directly?

We offer an effective, systematic approach to achieving certification without disrupting the business Learn More